Iw Park July 21 011

August Gardening Tips

August is here already where has the time gone this year?

Here are some top tips from our Landscapers to keep your Garden in shape this summer..

  • Continue dead-heading throughout your garden to pro long flowering
  • Lavender needs light pruning to stop it going leggy
  • Lupins and Delphiniums should be cut back
  • Give borders a boost with some general fertiliser
  • Feed your roses with some rose food
  • Pests like lily beetle and aphids need to be removed by hand using a weak mix of washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle
  • Feed tomatoes so they can carry on producing fruit
  • Cut back hardy herbaceous geraniums to encourage late summer/early autumn flowering
  • Greenhouses can get very hot this time of year and may need shading material or shading paint to lower the temperature inside
  • Keep bird baths topped up

Enjoy your Garden!