Make the switch with JUUL

Have you considered making the switch to e-cigarettes? 

We have JUUL representatives joining us in The Hive Café throughout the day on the 17th & 18th of September to provide advice and information on their available products. 

What is JUUL

  • JUUL is simple, clean and satisfying.
  • JUUL creates an aerosol to activate ingredients using a regulated
    heating element instead of using a flame to ensure consistent
    delivery and avoid combustion.
  • JUUL is intended to be as easy to use as combustible products, in
    order to make switching as convenient as possible.
  • We use only the highest quality manufacturing materials and
    flavour ingredients.
  • JUUL accommodates nicotine levels akin to a cigarettes to satisfy
    smokers switching
  • JUUL is unique and beautifully designed.

For more information head to their website: