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June Gardening Tips

Here are some top tips from our Head Gardener to keep you busy in the sunshine this June!

• Plant out summer bedding making sure it is kept well-watered for the first few weeks until it can find its own water.
• Stake and tie in tall or floppy plants
• Prune spring flowering shrubs
• Hoe boarders regularly to keep weeds down.
• Be water wise and install water butts’ - plants love rain water
• Pinch out side-shoots on tomato plants.
• Harvest lettuce, radish, and early potatoes along with the first crop of strawberry’s
• Position summer hanging baskets and containers outside remembering to water a little but often and last thing in the day to stop the leaf’s being scorched by the sun because of water on the leaf.
• Shade and vent green houses to keep them cool and to prevent scorch
• Regular mowing is the key to a nice lawn. With June temperatures and a little moisture, the grass is growing at its best so regular mowing is a must.

Happy gardening!