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Struggling to keep on top of the winter blues? Here are some top tips shared by your Anytime Fitness Croxley Park Team:

  •  Create a routine. Make sure to plan in things to look forward to, whether that's a hobby you love or a video call with friends or family.
  •  Take the time to disconnect. Spend some time away from the 24hr news cycle and pressures of social media. There's no harm in switch off for a time and developing some analogue hobbies.
  •  Keep active. Get outside if you can but try and keep moving through home workout classes, walking up and down the stairs while listening to a podcast or taking the time to stretch throughout the working day.
  •  Be consistent with your sleep. Establish a routine and keep your sleep space cool, calm and dark. If you can, keep your workspace separate and try not to spend much time in your sleeping area during the day, it should be a sanctuary.
  •  Share your feelings, positive and negative with someone you trust

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