Wine Tasting

Gin & Wine Tasting

Take part in a FREE fun interactive tasting evening on Thursday 10th February. 

Sessions start at 6pm in The Cafe. 

Choose between:

Our Gin Tasting- sample 4 different gins then make a cocktail that compliments that gin. We share our 'Ginformation' with you as we cover the origins of Gin & how it is made. Duration 2 hours. 


Our Wine Tasting- sample 4 premium wines, 2 red and 2 white. Learn interesting facts about the wine and wine regions. Duration 1.5 hours.

Both sessions will play some interactive games in between each tasting. 

Deli boxes available to pre-order from The Cafe for £12.99 per box. These include a selection of meats (Milano Salami & Prosciutto) and cheeses served with crackers and bread.

To book your session, please contact