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Croxley Park Micro Scooters

Croxley Park have teamed up with Micro Scooter to provide a fun way to get around! We have 10 Croxley Park Micro Scooters available for you to pop in and borrow throughout the day! 

We've also been given a discounted rate should you want to purchase your own! 

Discount Codes:

CROXLEY252019 – Adult Scooters 25%
CROXLEY52019 – Children’s Scooters and Accessories 5

How do I borrow a scooter? 

Simply pop in to the management office and show us your Bike Pass on your Croxley Park App & away you go! 

About Micro Scooters: 

We’re on a mission to make everyday journeys better.
Better for today’s families. Better for our world.
We think riders of all ages should be able to move their own way.
And we think moving without limit starts by thinking without limit.
Asking questions. Imagining possibilities.
It’s where our Micro journey began. It’s what drives us forward today.
It’s the reason we will never stand still.
Family first. Planet friendly. In it for the long haul.
Micro Scooters. Transform your everyday.
Why choose an adult Micro scooter?

Hop on. Push off. Never look back.
Foldable. Adjustable. The original. Designed to make everyday journeys better.
Discover the world on two wheels.
Get away from your desk.
Crush your commute.
Banish the blues.
Whether its to make your commute more bearable, to actually take your lunch break or for weekend adventures.  Scooting is on the rise.  And for good reason.  A proven way to get fitter, feel better, cut costs and be good to the planet.  Whats not to love?  Hop on. Push off.  Never look back.