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September Gardening Tips

Here are some top tips from our Landscapers this September.. 

  • Start the autumn clean-up. Remove any old unwanted crops that have finished and clear away weeds to leave your plot clean and tidy for the winter
  • Divide your herbaceous perennials- This will keep your plants healthy & vigorous year after year
  • Net ponds now before autumn leaf fall gets underway to reduce the amount of debris entering the pond and the filter system
  • Plant spring flowering bulbs such as daffs, crocus, snowdrops and hyacinths for glorious colour next spring
  • Plant out any biennial plants sown earlier in the year. This includes foxcloves, wallflowers and violas.
  • Plant new perennials, trees and shrubs. Now is a good time of year to plant as the soil is still warm and increasing rain fall over the next few weeks will settle them into their new home nicely
  • Carry on dead heading to encourage flower growth

Happy Gardening! :)