Sustainability & environment

At Croxley Park we make it easy to be an environmentally friendly business and enhance your CSR commitments. 

We take care of everything from on-site food composting to cardboard bailing and rainwater harvesting. We also use 100% renewable energy, provide charging points for electric vehicles, run a park-wide car-sharing scheme, and have designed 60+ bike spaces into our new building.   

We also do our bit to protect the bees. Working together, our tenant businesses care for our own colony, which not only benefits our environment but also produces delicious honey for our café. And our expert stewardship includes teaching local schools about the crucial part bees play in our ecosystems.

Environmentally aware schemes on the park include

  • Zero waste to landfill from 2012
  • 100% waste recycled
  • 100% renewable energy source
  • On-site food composting, cardboard bailing
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Park-wide car share scheme. 
  • Charging points for electric vehicles